What to expect on your child’s first visit

At Lil’ Dente, we think firsts are exciting. But we know sometimes they can feel scary for little ones. Your child’s perception of the dentist starts the moment they walk in, so our smile team will give you a warm welcome, answer any questions, and start their visit on the right note.

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How it works

The magic starts when you get in touch. A member of our smile team will get back to you to schedule your child’s first dental visit. We’ll also collect your information and send you new patient forms over email or text to fill out before you come in. 

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Before the big day

We’re here to make you and your child’s first dental visit with us worry-free. You’ll receive everything you need to know — from our best advice to help your child feel more comfortable to kid-friendly language you can use when talking about the big day. We’re in this together!

Hooray, today’s the day!

Check in with us, say hello, and get cozy in our waiting room. We’ll have a play area for the kiddos and refreshments for adults. Make yourself at home!

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Our favorite part

Come to the back office and meet Dr. Naomi, your child’s pediatric dentist. She’ll talk you through the first visit and share information about how to take care of your child’s teeth and gums. You’ll walk away with advice on brushing, nutrition, and preventative care.

Mission accomplished

At the end of your child’s first pediatric dentist visit, our newest friend will choose a prize for their courage. Parents will get something, too: follow-up info with tips to keep their smile bright. We’ll also schedule your child’s next visit before you leave. It’s not “goodbye,” it’s “see you later!”

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Ready to book your child’s first dental visit?

We’re accepting new patients today, from infant to teen and everywhere in between. Tell us a little about your child and how we can help them achieve their most confident smile. Start your child’s oral health journey at Lil’ Dente.

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