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At Lil’ Dente, your child’s oral health comes above everything else. Dr. Naomi treats what your child needs, when they need it. No unnecessary visits or procedures. Our conservative approach to children’s dental care puts kiddos first, because their trust is important to us.

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Your child is welcome here exactly as they are. Our office serves children of all ages, from infants to teens, including those with special needs. We take an individualized approach with every child, meeting them where they are and providing appropriate accommodations.

An icon representing a small child, with just one tooth.

0-2 years

Our little ones grow so fast! Get personalized care and relevant advice while your infant’s teeth and gums quickly develop.

An icon representing a pre-teen patient, with one tooth missing.

3-11 years

As your child loses baby teeth and grows into their adult smile, we’ll help them build lifelong habits for great oral health.

An icon representing a teenage patient.

12-18 years

Teenagers experience a lot of change but their smile is permanent. Keep their dental care consistent with age-appropriate care in a familiar place.

Preventative Dental Care

During routine exams and cleanings, we teach your child how to keep their teeth and gums healthy at home. We also manage small issues—before they get bigger—with non-invasive solutions. Our smile team does everything possible to put prevention at the forefront of care.

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Exams and cleanings

We check your child’s oral health and clean up little teeth, talking your child through every step.

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Oral health counseling

We give you and your child tips and tricks to stay healthy. They’ll become experts in brushing, flossing, and nutrition.

A tooth with a protective layer around it icon


Dental sealants protect your little one from cavities and tooth decay. They “seal up” the grooves in teeth where bacteria thrive.

A mouthguard icon


Is your child an athlete? We’ll fit them for a mouthguard to reduce the risk of sports-related injuries and expenses.

Restorative Dental Care

Your child will get an individualized game plan for restorative pediatric dentistry services. This involves treatments for issues like cavities, tooth chips, trauma, or infection. We’ll work with you to make their experience as comfortable and calm as possible.

A tooth with a filling icon


Dr. Naomi treats cavities using white fillings, which blend in with your child’s natural tooth.

A tooth icon with a crown, representing restorative care


Crowns are fitted over teeth to restore strength and appearance. We use white crowns on front teeth to blend in with your child’s smile.

A tooth with a healed piece on it, representing tooth bonding


Bonding fixes common cosmetic issues like tooth chips on your child’s ‘adult teeth’.

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Teeth whitening

We help tooth discoloration issues with professional whitening. Ask Dr. Naomi if your teen qualifies!

*Some treatments are more comfortable with extra support, like laughing gas (or as Dr. Naomi calls it, cotton candy air). She’ll talk about this option with you if necessary when creating your child’s custom treatment plan.

Limited orthodontic services

Our children’s dental services treat early issues in your child’s oral development. When left untreated, problems like crowding, crossbites, open bites, and protruding teeth can cause pain or speech difficulties. We provide treatment in-office to prevent or reverse these effects.

Two teeth with space between them icon

Space maintainers

Space maintainers or ‘spacers’ are used if your child’s baby teeth fall out too early. They hold room while we wait for adult teeth to come in.

A broken chain icon, representing breaking bad habits

Habit breaking appliances

Thumb-sucking and teeth-grinding are common in childhood, but can be damaging for teeth and speech. We’ll discuss if your child will need any custom appliances to help break these bad habits.

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